Pawel Kaim Mobile Software Engineer

Hello there my name is Pawel and I am a final year Multimedia Programming and Design student at the Limerick Institute of Technology in Ireland. My passion in life is everything from web design and web development to developing applications for a range of mobile devices.
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Feel free to ask me about: job offers, projects you want me to contribute to, latest technologies I work with or any other subject you may think I can help you!


Zibi 0.5.5 30.12.2014


  • Added jQuery animations to custom size input
  • Fixed Http input issue
  • Improved validation
  • Improved input Css style

Zibi 0.5 29.12.2014


  • Custom width and height

Zibi 0.4 29.11.2014


  • Whois lookup

Zibi 0.3 26.11.2014


  • JS validation

Zibi 0.2 10.02.2014


  • Minor Bootstrap changes

Zibi 0.1 14.09.2013


  • First release

To Do

Future improvementsASAP

  • Add animations to custom size input
  • Improve custom input styling
  • Improve validation Css animation issue
  • Improve mobile site